Paving Projects

Stripe 'N' Seal is a full service paving company using state of the art paving equipment. Our paving machines are equipped with sonic capabilities for the most accurate placement of asphalt. Because we specialize in paving, our crews are highly trained and pave almost every day. When asphalt is properly placed, it creates a long lasting, all weather surface that will give the owner many years of service.

Seal Coat Projects

Asphalt Base Seal Coat is designed to protect asphalt from the effects of the environment. Pavements that have lost the surface fines and smaller aggregate can be seal coated with an additional sand additive to help fill the voids and create a smoother surface. Seal coating also improves the appearance of the parking lot by creating a uniform color, therefore making parking lot striping more visible, improving safety and traffic flow.

Slurry Coat Projects

Slurry seal is the most versatile of any pavement surface treatment. It has the ability to deposit a durable bituminous mixture in accordance with the demands of the variably textured surface Ė filling voids, and providing a skid resistant surface. Slurry seal is ideal for older pavements when an overlay is cost prohibitive. It also has the ability to hide patches due to application thickness. Slurry seal is a tough, long lasting surface treatment for asphalt pavement.

Striping Projects

A parking lot is only half finished until it has been painted. Striping a parking lot brings order and creates efficient use of the asphalt area. Stripe 'N' Seal uses the latest in airless striping machines for uniform lines, clean edges and proper application of quick drying paint for a fast return to traffic.

Before and After

Our varied services provide us with many opportunities to make the weathered and old surfaces into polished, new products. Take a look at our before and after examples below to understand the dramatic changes we can give to your business.

Stripe 'N' Seal is capable of:


Sonoma County Facilities Operations lot before and after Slurry Seal.


Muir Woods parking lot before and after Skin Patching and Slurry Seal.


Rock driveway becomes a paved driveway.


Office park before and after seal coat and restripe.


Walking Path before and after seal coat.

Pavement markings and signage are always one of those eleventh hour items needed to turn a project over to our clients. Stripe 'N' Seal is a company that we can always count on for timely scheduling, accurate layouts, professional service and fair pricing. They are prompt with their administrative correspondence and field personnel always have a strong knowledge of code and ADA requirements. Stripe 'N' Seal & Aaron Paving help make a project easier when things are down to the wire."

-Michael Quesenbury, CSI, CDT, LEED AP
Estimator/Project Manager, Jim Murphy & Associates

I like doing business with Stripe 'Ní Seal for any number of reasons. They are prompt to come out and look at potential jobs and advise on how they can best be done. Their prices are always very competitive and fair. Their finished product is always excellent and requires no returns and fixes. Their entire staff is friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure doing business with Stripe 'N' Seal. I definitely recommend Stripe 'N' Seal to my staff and to any others and will certainly call them for future work."

-Edison Lewis CPM
Certified Property Manager, Keegin & Coppin Co., Inc.

I have contracted with a variety of paving companies, however, over the past 5-years, Iíve kept to Stripe 'Ní Seal. I remain 100% satisfied with their work."

-Erinne Mickle
Property Manager, Basin Street Properties

Stripe 'N' Seal has been a great company to do business with. They have always been very prompt to come out and look at what we need done no matter how big or small the job is."

-Daniel Hebel
Maintenance & Operations Supervisor, Rincon Valley Union School District

I very much appreciate that Stripe 'N' Seal took the time to meet with me, provide a proposal and ultimately mobilize so quickly on our paving and striping project. My client was really happy that we took care of their problem in such short order- and it looks great!"

-Larry D. Townsend
Estimator/ Project manager, C.L.Y. Inc., dba Sonoma-Marin Construction

Your company is unique because your quality of work is always consistent. It is easy for us to do business with you because your price is always competitive."

-Mai Love
Business Coordinator, Codding Construction

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